Exploring devemed GmbH: A Tradition of Excellence in Dental Instrumentation

Welcome to a journey through the rich history and cutting-edge innovation of devemed GmbH, a leader in the dental instrument industry based in Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany. With over a century of experience, devemed has established itself as a hallmark of quality and efficiency in dental practices worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll explore the company’s roots, its commitment to excellence, and how it continues to shape the future of dental care.

The Legacy of devemed GmbH:

Founded in 1904 by Karl Reichle, the traditional family business initially known as Karl Reichle & Co. has evolved into the modern-day devemed GmbH. Located in Tuttlingen, famously known as the hub for medical instruments, devemed’s journey is one of innovation, quality, and tradition. The DEVE brand, born around 1960, is still celebrated today, particularly for its high-quality pliers, a testament to the brand’s lasting impact.

Innovation and Evolution:

In 2006, the company underwent a significant transformation, transitioning from Karl Reichle and its DEVE brand to devemed GmbH. This relaunch was more than a name change; it was a commitment to carry forward a century of expertise while adapting to contemporary needs. Today, devemed is synonymous with innovative, durable, and high-quality instruments that satisfy the most demanding dental professionals.

A Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction:

At the heart of devemed GmbH’s philosophy is the belief that dental instruments are crucial for successful dental treatment. The company prides itself on its personal touch, first-class service, and collaboration with renowned dentists to continually evolve its product range. This approach ensures that every instrument from devemed not only meets but exceeds the expectations of practitioners.

Embracing the Future with State-of-the-Art Facilities:

The company’s expansion is a reflection of its success and commitment to innovation. In 2019, devemed extended its facilities in Neuhausen ob Eck, featuring advanced machines, lasers, washrooms, and a training center. These state-of-the-art amenities underscore devemed’s dedication to producing the finest dental instruments and providing educational opportunities for dental professionals.


As devemed GmbH continues to blend tradition with innovation, its commitment to quality remains unwavering. Whether it’s through its historical DEVE pliers or the latest dental instruments, devemed is at the forefront of enhancing dental care. With a focus on functionality, quality, design, and ergonomics, devemed GmbH isn’t just a company; it’s a partner in the success of dental practitioners around the globe.

For more information about devemed GmbH and its range of products, visit their website or contact their expert team. Experience the difference that over a hundred years of expertise can make in your dental practice.