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3M, Pentamix 4, Lite Auto Mixing Unit

3M ESPE’s third generation Pentamix device, the Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit, sets higher standards with the following features: –

Caulk, Aquasil Ultra, Duomix Unit, Mounting Bracket

The Duomix™ is offered in a DENTSPLY partnership with Renfert GmbH. For 80 years, Renfert has provided German quality craftsmanship

DMG America, Honigum, MixStar, EMotion Machine

The most advanced dynamic mixing machine available, new MixStar-eMotion offers fully automatic, hands-free operation and is easily programmable for different

Kerr, Alginator, White, 110V

25227 – Alginator New and improved mixer that makes a smooth, bubble-free mix while eliminating waste and reducing clean up

Kerr, Volume Mixer By Renfert, 110V

Volume Machine by Renfert > Fills a tray in less than 30 seconds. > No more wasting time cleaning cartridges

Kulzer, Flexitime, Dynamix, Speed, Automatic Mixing Machine

Heraeus is proud to introduce the newest members of the Flexitime family: Flexitime® Dynamix® speed Automatic Mixing Machine. The new