3M, Imprint 4, Penta, Putty, INTRO Kit, W/Regular Impression Material


Manufactured By: 3M Canada Company
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Imprint(TM) 4 Penta(TM)Putty Intro Kit, 71536

Imprint(TM) 4 VPS Impression Material delivers precise impression results and offers dentists and patients a fast intra-oral setting time, without compromising working time.
> Speed: Shortest intra-oral setting time for real time savings.
> Control: Sufficient working time for a stress-free procedure.
> Precision: Super hydrophilicity for accurate detail reproduction.

Intro kit includes 1 base paste – 300ml, 1 catalyst – 60ml; 1 each cartridge Super Quick Light, Regular – 50 ml; 1 Penta cartridge; 10 Penta mixing tips, red; 5 intra-oral syringes, green; 5 garant mixing tips, yellow; 5 intraoral tips, yellow; 1 VPS tray adhesive· 17ml.

> Crown and bridge Impressions.
> Inlay and onlay impressions.
> Implant impressions.
> Orthodontic impressions.

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3M Canada Company

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