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Why Enhance your polish?

Surface roughness testing and SEM photos show that the final polish of composite is smoother when the Enhance Finishing System is used prior to the use of a final polishing system. If diamond or carbide finishing burs are used, Enhance very effectively smoothes the surface of the restoration prior to polishing, allowing you to achieve a finished result with higher luster.

The Enhance Finishing and Polishing System combines several products designed to finish and polish all types of resin restoratives. The Enhance finishing disc, cups and points are abrasive, flexible devices which complete intermediate and final finishing without the need to change discs. The Enhance foam polishing cups are foam polishing devices used to buff and polish the restoration in conjunction with a polishing paste. Prisma® Gloss and Prisma® Gloss Extra Fine are composite polishing pastes.

Clinical Benefits

Enhance Finishing System
> One Component: Why struggle with four when you can Enhance with one.
> Control: Intermediate and final finishing is completed with the Enhance Finishing System. The pressure applied controls the aggressiveness. More pressure for an aggressive initial finish; less ressure to smooth the surface.

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.

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