Caulk, Reprosil Cart, Light Body, Orange, 4 – 50 Ml Cartridges W/6 Tips


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Reprosil® Reprosil® Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material Reprosil vinyl polysiloxane impression material is a degassed material with hydrophilic surface characteristics and excellent dimensional accuracy and detail. It is particularly well-suited for impressions of teeth prepared for indirect inlays, onlays, posts and cores, crowns and fixed bridges, as well as both partial and complete removable prosthodontics. Product Features > High tensile strength and material rigidity, superior resilience and elasticity ensure that Reprosil captures every detail the first time. > This hydrophilic formula spreads easily into point-angles and line-angles and is less likely to distort or tear when removed. 626210 Reprosil Regular (Blue) Body Cartridge Refill. Contains :2-48mL cartridges and 6 mix tips. 626220 Reprosil Heavy Body (Green) Cartridge Refill. Contains: 2–48 mL cartridges and 6 mix tips. 626600 Reprosil Light (Orange) Cartridge Refill. Contains: 2-48 mL cartridges and 6 mix tips.

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.

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