Crosstex, Efferzyme, Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablets, 52 Tabs/Box


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EfferZyme® Effervescent Cleaning Tablets

Enzymatic Formula – Biodegradable, non-chlorine formulation contains fast-acting protease enzymes that enhance the removal of blood and other soils that may be resistant to other chemical deter
Dilution Levels– 2 tablets = 1 gallon / 1 tablet = ½ gallon – Simply place tablets in warm water
Cost Effective– Tablet formulation reduces shipping, handling, and storage costs
Color/Scent – White and Brown Speckled/ Mint Scent

Product can be used with ultrasonic cleaners, for instrument presoak, for evacuation system cleaning, and for slow/high speed hand pieces. See package for usage instructions.

JET EfferZyme® Effervescent Cleaning Tablets 52 Tablets/Box

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Crosstex International Inc.

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