DENTALEZ, Pump, Single, 2HP, CV-102FS


Manufactured By: DentalEZ Group (Star)
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The CustomAir® Water Ring Pumps have been manufactured continuously since 1957 and have served more dentists for more years than any other dental vacuum. They are quiet, compact and have a long life, chemical resistant brass impeller and housing. If you choose to use a Water Ring Pump, CustomAir Water Ring Pumps are your best choice for years of reliability and performance.
Is a water ring pump right for you? It may be if you:
Have limited space
Use surgical suction tips
Use vacuum sinks
Profusely rinse vacuum lines
Have low or no water and sewer costs
Want a time proven vacuum source
Have overhead piping
Have restricted piping
Quiet and compact
Long life, chemical resitant brass impeller and housing
Sealed bearings in motor
Best warranty in the business
2 years for defects
6 months labor
Smaller-Less Expensive
Optional Water Recirculator:
The CustomAir Water Recirculator reduces water consumption by approximately 80% without sacrificing high vacuum power. Easy 4 step installation. Mounts directly to pump.
Optional Air/Water Separator:
Functions as an air/water and nitrous oxide separator.

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DentalEZ Group (Star)

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