DMG America, Honigum, Automix, QuadFast Light, 4 – 25ml Cartridges W/16 Tips


Manufactured By: DMG Canada, LLC
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Honigum QuadFast Light Body Material is a faster-setting Honigum formulation specifically designed for quadrant and single unit impressions. Honigum QuadFast works in the same way as regular Honigum, only quicker, setting in only 2.5 minutes – just right for quadrant and single unit impressions, with no wasted time! Honigum QuadFast Light Body is delivered using a hand-held Type 25 Automix Applicator Gun for quick, easy and accurate impression taking with no mess and far less waste than with mixing pads. Features and Benefits Faster-setting formulation: • Sets in just 2.5 minutes – the perfect timing for quadrant and single unit impressions Patented microcrystalline wax matrix chemistry produces a unique variable viscosity: • Provides a slump free starting thickness for easy tray dispensing • Under pressure, the material lowers its viscosity, seeking and filling small gingival crevices to capture unsurpassed detail even in the presence of blood and saliva • Has a quick snap set that prevents distortion, yet is easily removable • Mild honey aroma for greater patient acceptance Convenient 25ml cartridges: • Compatible with hand-held automix guns • Provides a compact alternative to the larger system

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DMG Canada, LLC

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