DMG America, Honigum, MixStar, Medium/Mono Body, 1 – 390ml Cartridge, 10 Mixstar


Manufactured By: DMG Canada, LLC
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Variable-viscosity Honigum Medium Body impression material captures an incredible level of detail. Packaged in a clean and easy-loading pourchless cartridge, Honigum makes impression taking quick, easy and accurate with no mess and far less waste. Honigum Mono is the monphase impression material that can be utilized for a single phase impression technique. Honigum Mono is ideally suited for impressions for crowns, bridges, onlays/inlays and for functional impressions, especially with individual trays and implantology. Features and Benefits Patented microcrystalline wax matrix chemistry produces a unique variable viscosity: • Provides a slump free starting thickness for easy tray dispensing. • Under pressure the material lowers its viscosity, seeking and filling small gingival crevices to capture unsurpassed detail even in the presence of blood and saliva. • Has a quick snap set that prevents distortion, yet is easily removable. • Mild honey aroma for greater patient acceptance Contains: 1 – 390ml Cartridge, 10 MixStar Mixing Tips

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DMG Canada, LLC

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