DMG America, LuxaBite Kit, 1 – 50ml Cartridge W/15 Luxabite Tips


Manufactured By: DMG Canada, LLC
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The triumph of rigidity – Hard, harder, LuxaBite!

The hardest among all bite registration materials is based on the innovative bisacrylate formula. Its thixotropic properties prevent the material from running into interdental spaces, and its superior final hardness (Shore D-69, or Barcol 25) eliminates compression or flexing when mounted to facilitate precise bite registrations. Even implantologists appreciate the material’s advantages and use LuxaBite for the fixation of multiple impression posts to obtain torsion-free implant impressions.

And, besides LuxaBite’s stability when positioned on the model, dental assistants also value the conveniently easy excess removal with a dental burr. After all, the material should be hard, not the work.

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DMG Canada, LLC

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