GC, Exaflex, Clinic Package, Regular, Blue, 20 – 74ml Tube, Each Base & Catalyst


Manufactured By: GC America Inc.
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Exaflex ia a significantly advanced addition reaction silicone (platinum catalyzed) with outstanding physical properties, optimum handling and accuracy characteristics plus the unique combination of innovative, clinical advantages for impression taking. EXA VPS materials produce crisp, extraordinarily smooth and highly precise impressions for models, crowns, bridges and dentures.
Hydrophilic, immediate pour
and high tear strength PLUS:
Improved Handling
Accurate and Easy to work with to Eliminate Voids.
Extended Working Time
More than 2-1/2 Minutes to manipulate and seat
Snap Set
Less time in the mouth to reduce distortions.
Improved Thixotropicity
Better Flow under pressure without being runny.
Penetrates critical hard to reach areas to replicate true accurate details.
Dimensional Stability
Models can be poured up to 2 weeks after impression taking.
Hydrogen Scavenger Formula allows immediate pour of models.
Stable in Cold Sterilization Solution
Exaflex Tubes
Choice of Heavy Body (Yellow), Injection (Pink), Regular Type (Blue) or Monophase (Purple) viscosities.
Base-Catalyst (Tubes)
Squeeze out equal amounts of the base and catalyst on a mixing pad, then mix quickly with spatula for 30 seconds until the mixture turns to a uniform color. Exaflex won’t begin set until it is in the mouth at least 2-1/2 minutes (4 minutes from start of mix).
Tray Adhesive
Exaflex Monophase and Heavy Body viscosities include a 6 oz. bottle of brush-on tray adhesive.
Exaflex Putty
Extremely smooth and easy to mix, Exaflex Putty provides the compression expected in a putty with the advantages of a premium vinyl polysiloxane material.

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GC America Inc.

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