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Saliva testing is an examination tool that you can use to educate the patient, assist in preventive treatment planning and use to initiate changes in the patient’s oral hygiene. Saliva plays a significant role in maintaining oral health. It is the body’s natural caries defense. Understanding patients’ saliva characteristics can give the dentist valuable information to determine treatment choices and strategies. > Identify, Measure and Assess Patient’s Possible Caries Risk based on Saliva Condition > Tests Hydration, Salivary Consistency, Resting Saliva pH, Stimulated Saliva Flow, Stimulated Saliva pH and Saliva Buffering Capacity > Tool for Developing Preventive Care Strategies and Selecting Dental Materials for the Dental Patient > Saliva-Check Buffer Kit is ideal for use during routine oral examinations Contains: In Vitro pH Test Strips (20 pieces), Saliva Dispensing Cups (20 pieces), Wax Gum Pieces for Saliva Stimulation (20 pieces) Saliva Dispensing Pipettes (20 pieces), Buffer Test Strips (20 pieces)

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