Kerr, Take 1, Advance, Cartridge Intro Kit


Manufactured By: Kerr Corporation
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Take 1 Advanced VPS Impression Material > Outstanding tear strength and elongation. Strong, flexible material stretches around undercuts without tearing or distorting. > Hydrophilic wash material. Displaces intraoral fluids to produce impressions with great detail and no voids or gaps. > Excellent dimensional stability. Impression will not distort due to dimensional change or temporary deformation. > Widest selection of viscosities, set times and delivery methods. Helps overcome common difficulties in impression taking, and matches doctor preference. Contains: 1 cartridge (50ml) LB wash (fast set), 1 cartridge (50ml) RB wash (fast set), 3 cartridge (50ml) tray (fast set), 1 cartridge (50 ml) bite registration, 1 extruder, 6 small mixing tips, 6 intraoral syringe tips ( small univsersal), 6 large mix tips.

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Kerr Corporation

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