Medicom, Safe-Gauze, HemoStat, Topical Hemostatic Dressing, 20/Pkg


Manufactured By: A.M.D. Medicom Inc.
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SafeGauze® | HemoStat | Controls Bleeding Stat HemoStat(TM)
Topical Hemostatic Dressing

Features and Benefits

> Sterile, Woven, & Neutral pH
> Absorbs 45x it’s own weight
> Easy to apply plant based cellulose
> Forms strong adhesive barrier & seals site, decreasing clotting time & promoting coagulation. Less if any sutures required.
> Turns to viscous gel (2-5 sec) with blood contact, seals capillaries, and activates clotting system
> Left on wound as it’s naturally resorbed
> Suction excess product
> Hypoallergenic with no additives, thrombin, or collagen
> Naturally antibacterial to reduce incident of post-surgical infection, or dry socket

Each Box Contains:
• 2 trays & 10 blisters per tray
• Each blister has 2 dressings (0.75” x 0.75” each)

4900-STATC Hemostatic Dressing 20/pkg, 1 pkg/case

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Manufactred By

A.M.D. Medicom Inc.

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