Metrex, EmPower, Dual-Enzymatic Detergent, 5 Gallon


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EmPower® Dual Enzymatic Detergent EmPower is a fresh scented, detergent cleaner containing two protease enzymes that offer the broadest cleaning action on a variety of protein soils. Inclusion of surfactants provides additional cleaning on carbohydrates, lipid and protein soils. Works fast to remove blood, tissue, mucous and other protein-rich body fluids from instruments. Non-corrosive to metals. Features: > Quickly removes blood, protein and other proteineous debris > Neutral pH formula > Economical concentrated product > Easy to use and safe for instruments > Less corrosive than distilled water > Contains two proteolytic enzymes for more effective cleaning > Low-foaming > Dilution 1:128

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Metrex Research Corporation

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