Metrex, EmPower, Dual-Enzymatic Detergent, Fragrance Free, 1 Gallon


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Fragrance Free Dual-Enzymatic Detergent
EmPower Fragrance Free offers the same great enzymatic cleaning formula without the fragrance for customers who are respiratory sensitive or prefer a non-scented detergent. The new translucent 1 gallon bottle packaging provides enhanced convenience for reordering.

• New Formulation – Free of fragrance and perfect for users who are respiratory-sensitive or prefer an odorless product.
• New Packaging – Translucent bottle for easy visual inspection of product usage.
• Excellent Cleaning Power – Loosens and cleans lipids, starches, inorganic debris, and protein fluids fast.
• Multi-Application – Versatile to be used as manual presoak, in ultrasonics, automated washers, and evacuation systems.
• Instrument Friendly – Neutral pH formulation is safe on instruments and reduces the need for manual scrubbing that may be abrasive on instruments
. • Low foaming – Low foaming which reduces handling risks especially when it comes to sharp objects
• Economical – An effective and versatile enzymatic cleaner that is compatible to multiple materials/instruments and can be used in all types of water.

Mfg Item #: 10-4400

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Metrex Research Corporation

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