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For cleaning Waterline Tubings

Usage: Full strength product is introduced into the waterline via a “T” system and left overnight. Water purge the following morning.
Registration: FDA 510K 973765

DIN 02240323
MSDS Sheet: MSDS Lines.pdf

Features and Benefits
Antimicrobial – Protects patients and staff from cross-contamination and eliminates Pseudomonas aeruginosa in lines.
Chlorhexidine Base – Protects staff from bacterial aerosols generated by the cutting or scaling of teeth.
Economical Overnight Use – One 500mL bottle will fill approximately 166 metres of 1.5mm ? dental tubing or 63 metres of 3mm ? tubing.
Non-Corrosive Non-Staining – Will not corrode metals, clog valves, stain or stick as do water-based Chlorhexidine mouthwashes
Purges completely – A 30 second water purge will reduce the “Lines” content to 18 ppm. Will not affect Composite bonding systems.
Safe – May be used for continuous oral usage such as hygiene scaling. Contains no designated toxic substances.

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Micrylium Laboratories Inc.

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