Morita, Foundation, Assorted, 3 Of Small And 3 Of Medium /Box


Manufactured By: J. Morita USA Inc.
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Foundation is a revolutionary new bone augmentation material for use after teeth extractions. Collagen-based, Foundation provides support for implants, bridges and dentures. Immediately following an extraction, Foundation is placed into the socket. The surrounding cells and capillaries gradually infiltrate Foundation. As the extraction socket heals, it is filled with new augmented bone. Foundation is shaped in bullet form for easy placement. It is available in both small and medium sizes.


* Stimulates new bone growth at accelerated pace after extraction
* Origin from “atelo-collagen”, which minimizes antigenicity
* “Cross-linked” to achieve biocompatibility
* Bullet shaped for easy placement in extraction sockets
* Available in two sizes, small and medium

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J. Morita USA Inc.

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