Morita, Perfectim, Blue Velvet, Bite Registration, 90sec., 3 – 50ml Cartridges


Manufactured By: J. Morita USA Inc.
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No Doubt About A Bite® The PerfectIM Systems 30 Second Blue Velvet has a whipped cream texture, which eliminates running, dripping, and gagging. It is the ideal material for bite registrations, producing fast, extremely accurate interocclusal records. The high durometer (80) of 90 Second Blue Velvet produces a hard, plaster-like set and eliminates the need for retraction cord when used with Flexi-Velvet or SnoWhite in the H&H cordless technique. As a second step companion to Blue Velvet, Flexi-Velvet can be used to capture perfect margins. SnoWhite can also be used as a second step in this technique; it is an extremely fluid material and is recommended for normal sulcus depth crown and bridge impressions, as well as for inlay and onlay impressions. 90 Second SnoWhite is also recommended for denture relines and as a final wash for denture impressions. Peel-Away Die Spacer is designed for use on dies produced from H&H impressions; it is easily removed and a final check for fit can be made on the original clean die.

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J. Morita USA Inc.

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