Morita, Perfectim, Final Wash, Impression Material, 3 – 50ml Cartridges


Manufactured By: J. Morita USA Inc.
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PerfectIM Systems PerfectIM offers reliable performance and the ability to create accurate dental impressions without the need for inconvenient, uncomfortable retraction cord. Because these materials are hydrophobic, they will displace fluids, eliminating the need to air dry. Precise, easy to work with, and available in a variety of working/setting times, PerfectIM is ideal for bite registrations, dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, and nightguards. Perfect Impressions, No Cord! The H&H (Hydraulic & Hydrophobic) cordless technique can easily save you an average of 15 minutes per “crown & bridge” appointment, while producing exceptionally accurate results. It is a two step system which eliminates the time consuming task of packing retraction cord, and therefore any possible post traumatic discomfort. Features and Benefits > Vinyl Polysiloxane – displaces fluids > Thixotropic (Except SnoWhite) > Radiopaque > Cartridge dispensed > Immersible in aqueous disinfectants > Taste and odor free > “Highly recommended” by The Dental Advisor in an evaluation study Contains: 3 – 50 ml cartridges with 12 tips

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J. Morita USA Inc.

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