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Seal-Tight® Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips Why Seal-Tight? The patented technology behind Seal-Tight is what sets it apart from all the other air/water syringe tips available today. Seal-Tight is the recommended choice for your dental operatory. Seal-Tight turns the traditional approach to tip installation on its head, with a unique interlock system that eliminates wear-and-tear at the insertion point of your air/water syringe and ensures a fresh seal with every new tip. The combination of superior materials and superior engineering has yielded the best syringe tip for dry air, on demand, every time. Features > Disposable syringe tip with built-in rubber O-ring seal makes syringe work like new every time > Dry air on demand > Reduce risk of restoration failures due to moisture > Fast tip changing with easy-to-install push-button converters > Installation of Auto-Lock is required for each syringe before use Why Do I Need An Adapter? Before understanding the importance of the patented Seal-Tight adapter, you have to understand the basic workings of a tip. The tips we’re discussing now have separate channels for air and water. The air channels are supposed to see only dry air where the water channel is supposed to see only water. It’s well known that moisture in the air can cause some big problems for certain procedures, such as bonding and restorations. So, the doctor doesn’t want water accidentally mixed with their air. Most other syringe tips (including all metal tips and most disposable tips) have a relatively sharp male end that fits into the air/water syringe. This pointed end is sealed inside the syringe using a tiny O-ring and it scratches the O-ring when it’s inserted into the air/water syringe. Repeated insertions cause the O-ring to wear out and eventually allows water to leak into the air passages. A service call is often required to replace the O-ring, and can be very expensive. It’s important to understand that this service call is not a permanent fix. The O-ring will wear out again and cause another service call down the road. This cycle of wear and repair will continue to repeat over and over again. The patented Seal-Tight adapter and tip invert the usual sealing system. The adapter is installed into the air/water syringe one time and remains there placing a metal ‘stinger’ on the inside where the water travels. The Seal-Tight tip has a hard material on the outside and a soft yellow material on the inside. When you insert a Seal-Tight tip into the syringe, the stinger in the adapter is inserted in the soft yellow material of the tip. This material squeezes the stinger and acts like an O-ring, sealing the water passage. Here is the key point: The soft material in the tip is brand new with every tip installation. It cannot wear out, because it’s never re-used, thus the water-sealing surface can’t wear out; it can’t leak. This negates the need for service calls to correct this issue.

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