Premier, NexTemp, Automix, Bulk Pack, 4 – 5ml Automix Syringe


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NexTemp® Temporary Resin Cement > Firm Retention / Easy Removal – No re-cementing temporaries > Eugenol-Free – Non irritating to soft tissue / will not inhibit permanent cementation > Fluoride Release > Potassium Nitrate – Known to reduce sensitivity and act as a sedative to the pulp > Chlorhexidine – A proven anti-bacterial agent > Resin-Matrix Formulation – Good marginal seal with no wash-out > Two-Stage Curing – Initial gel-set stabilizes temporary, allowing easy removal of excess > Automix Syringe – Saves application time; guarantees consistent mix > Neutral Shade – Blends esthetically with temporary restoration / No show-through 3001470 Bulk Contains: Four 5ml Automix Dual-Barrel Syringes

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Premier Dental Products Co.

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