Rinn, XCP-QT, Intro Kit, Size 1.0 And 2.0


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XCP-QT(TM) Intro Kit, Size 1.0 and 2.0 Rinn XCP-QT holders are designed to fit all popular sensors. They grip the sensor securely without need for a tight sensor cover for less risk of sensor cord-pull. XCP-QT holders can be used as a quick tab or with XCP-ORA® and XCP® Aiming rings and positioning arms for accurate paralleling. No matter the indication – single image, bitewing series, or complete FMX – the XCP-QT(TM) system is designed for fast, accurate positioning. The XCP-QT holders consist of two pieces, a base plate that securely holds the sensor, and two changeable bitepieces – one for anterior or posterior periapicals, and one for horizontal or vertical bitewings. The custom universal bases fit all popular sensors – choose from size 1.0 (black), 1.5 (Dexis – teal), or 2.0 (white). 554900 Contents: 2 XCP-ORA 3-in-1 Arm & Ring System, 25 size 1.0 universal bases, 75 size 2.0 universal bases, 50 periapical bite-pieces, 50 bitewing bite-pieces

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.

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