SDI, Conseal LG, Sealant, Light Grey, Refill, 1 – 5ml Bottle


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conseal clear
Lowest viscosity, deepest penetration

Lowest viscosity
Conseal Clear is the lowest viscosity sealant. The ideal low viscosity allows Conseal Clear to flow faster and deeper into the prepared pits and fissures. A recognized cause of pit and fissure sealant failure is an inability to seal. The tighter seal optimizes Conseal Clear’s mechanical retention and eliminates the space required for bacteria to grow.

Conseal Clear’s tight seal is further enhanced by its unique UDMA resin system’s lower shrinkage and by being BIS-GMA free, avoiding the controversy of Bisphenol A.

Conseal bottle refill (light grey)
5.5g (5mL) light grey conseal sealant

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SDI (North America), Inc.

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