Sultan, Genie Bite Registration, Fast Set, Mint, 2 – 50ml Cartridges W/6 Tips


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Genie® Bite Registration Material – Mint Flavored, 50 ml Cartridge, Blue with Tips Green, 2/Pkg

Genie™ Bite is a bite registration material with a light mousse consistency that stays where you put it without slumping when injected onto an occlusal surface. Once set, it becomes rock-hard, so it captures and keeps great detail without compressing or flexing during model mounting.

• Won’t compress or flex upon mounting
• Useful as a quick die for temporary inlays and onlays
• Fast and easy to trim
• Dual port cartridge prevents clogs and cross-contamination between base and catalyst
• Super Fast Set formula sets in 60 seconds; Fast Set formula sets in 90 seconds

New Mixing Tip
• New level of technology, new level of mix quality. The unique design of the Stonehenge mixing chamber and mixing cube technology offers a consistent homogenous mix.
• New level of simplicity.
o Bleed only once (for first use) for the life of the cartridge. No need to bleed between uses.
o Easy assembly with the new twist tab and alignment key. The alignment key helps in reducing risk of cross contamination.
• New level of savings. Up to 24% less waste.

Fast Set
Mfg Item #: 77640N

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.

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