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The product is a new formula that offers the cleaning power of PUREVAC, a leading evacuation system brand, but is designed specifically for evacuation systems with amalgam separators. Although the product was just introduced, it is the only recommended cleaner by SolmeteX a leading manufacturer of amalgam separators in the United States and Canada. PUREVAC SC’s pH complies with EPA and SolmeteX’s specs and features nonfoaming cleaning action that’s compatible with all amalgam separators. “We’re very pleased to have been named SolmeteX’s cleaner of choice,” said Tim Lorencovitz, product manager for Sultan Healthcare infection prevention line, which includes PUREVAC SC. “With more and more practices faced with amalgam separator regulations, PUREVAC SC’s release is not only timely, but helpful.” Indeed, for dental practices, the evacuation system is at the heart of the operation, and is put under heavy demand daily. Over time, build-up in the system’s lines can strain its vacuum performance, clog the trap, and shorten a collection container’s life. These problems could lead to costly repairs and downtime for a practice – at a time when many practices are watching every cent. According to Lorencovitz, using PUREVAC SC on a daily basis will clean evacuation systems from top to bottom. “It keeps the trap and evacuation lines open, prevents build-up that can hinder your system’s performance, and helps your system operate properly and more efficiently,” he said. Biodegradable, safe, and easy to use, PUREVAC SC has acitrus scent to keep systems smelling fresh. The product is a concentrate, so one, 2-liter bottle yields as many as 67 treatments. The five-liter bottle yields as many as 169 treatments. Dental societies across the U.S. and Canada have endorsed SolmeteX mercury removal technology.

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