Sultan, ReSURGE, Instrument Cleaning Solution, 14.8ml, 24/Packets


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> 1 tablet makes 1 gallon (3.8L) of solution versus two of the leading brand’s tablets
> Excellent cleaning properties last all day, while enzyme cleaners lose effectiveness as the day goes on
> Easily removes common soils such as blood, tissue, plaster, pumice, buffing compounds, etc.
> Fully water soluble, will not leave a residue on instruments or in the tank like enzyme tablets and solutions
> Effective in all water temperatures, hot or cold

Every Cleanlets ultrasonic tablet provides quick, effective cleaning in a single dose. Patented technology gives you highly concentrated cleaners that are safe and effortless to use. Effervescent formula makes mixing easy and automatic. Its unique blister packaging makes Cleanlets a snap to dispense.

REF 21520 ReSURGE(TM) 24-1/2 oz. packets (makes 24 gallons)

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Dentsply Sirona Canada Ltd.

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