SybronEndo, TF Adaptive, Verifier, Medium/Large, Red, ML3, 6/Pkg


Manufactured By: Sybron Endo
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TF TWISTED FILES ADAPTIVE VERIFIERS (Sybron Endo) The TF Adaptive System uses an existing file set called Twisted Files. Most NiTi files are ground cut without maintaining the perpendicular grain structure, which causes micro-fractures in the surface of files and an inherently weaker structure. This can lead to file fracture or separation in the teeth. In addition, conventional NiTi material possesses shape memory, making it nearly impossible to twist. However, Twisted Files are manufactured using a heat treatment technology developed by Axis |SybronEndo, which changes the crystalline structure completely so the file can be twisted while maintaining the natural grain structure. Since Twisted Files are not ground cut and there are no micro-fractures that occur on the surface, they are not inherently weaker as other NiTi files, but are

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