SybronEndo, ZenFlex, Rotary File, Nickel Titanium, .35/.06/25mm, 6/Pk


Manufactured By: Sybron Endo
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NiTi Rotary Shaping File
Maximum Strength. Minimally Invasive.

Every patient’s canal anatomy is unique. With ZenFlex, you’ll have the cutting efficiency, along with the right balance of strength and flexibility you need to accommodate a wide range of curvatures in even the most complex canal anatomies. Explore the full range of differentiating features that make ZenFlex a smart investment for your endodontic practice.

• High Cutting Efficiency — Designed with triangular cross section with proprietary heat treatment, ZenFlex exhibits high cutting efficiency.
• Minimally Invasive — 1 mm flute diameter and a non-cutting tip help minimize transportation and preserve the tooth’s structural integrity.
• Exceptional Strength — Resists cyclic fatigue better and with comparable torque strength relative to other leading files on the market, resulting in minimal breakage and deformation.
• Excellent Flexibility — Excellent controlled memory and flexibility for up to 90º curves that accommodate even the most complex canal anatomies.

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Sybron Endo

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