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Designed and manufactured in Britain by Medivance Instruments, the compact Intra-X is the perfect helpmate in the busy practice. It stands discreetly by, ready to give prompt and reliable assistance. The Intra-X delivers dry-to-dry radiographs for the patient’s file within just four minutes, or makes fully-processed wet endodontic films available in only two minutes for urgent viewing.
The Intra-X, internationally acclaimed using the unique Velopex technology, works for the benefit of dental professionals and patients alike.
Automated Processing
Operating the Velopex Intra-X involves merely switching on the processor, pressing a button to start the processing cycle and posting the films through the entry slot -films of sizes 0-4 may be continuously loaded in any order. Automated x-ray film processing avoids unnecessary re-takes, and therefore unwarranted x-ray exposure.
Automatic Standby
The Velopex will safely complete the processing cycle unattended. An automatic standby facility stops the machine, then maintains the correct temperature for immediate further use when required.
Unique Film Transport System
Consistently excellent results are ensured by the unique Velopex film transport system, in which x-ray films are kept stationary and gently protected between two continuous permeable belts. Four identical modules carry the films securely through the developer, fixer, water-wash and air-drying chambers. This unique system minimises the risk of film loss compared with conventional multi-roller assemblies, and provides uniform exposure to the chemicals for superb processing performance.
Rapid Results
Films are processed dry-to-dry in only 4 minutes. For urgent diagnoses, fully developed and fixed endodontic films may be viewed wet after only 2 minutes. The prompt availability of radiographs saves time and reduces patient re-call.
Deep Processing Tanks
The deep chemical tanks provide a long film path to allow the film generous contact with the processing solutions. The slim shape of the tanks keeps the surface area small, reducing the effects of chemical oxidation and evaporation.
No Darkroom Required
An easy-to-use rigid daylight loader is available at an extra cost, eliminating the need for a darkroom with its associated risk of film fogging. With the Intra-X, staff are no longer obliged to work with chemicals in a dark, confined space.
Compact and Instantly Installed
The Intra-X is extremely compact, requiring a counter space no larger than an A3 sheet of paper, and is attractively designed to complement a surgery environment.
Installation consists of choosing a location near a standard electrical socket and filling with developer and fixer. Switch on, and the machine is ready for work.
Easily and Economically Maintained
Routine chemical replenishment and cleaning are quick and straightforward. Furthermore, the entire machine is designed for easy maintenance by the user. Even in the event that a film transport module requires renewal, it can be replaced by the user in a matter of seconds at modest cost.
Archivable Radiographs
Films processed by the Velopex Intra-X form an accurate, permanent, non-corruptible record of treatment for the future protection of both dentist and patient.

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