Voco, Grandio Seal, Kit, 5 – 2g Syringes/Box


Manufactured By: VOCO GmbH
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Grandio Seal Light-curing nano-hybrid fissure sealant Indications Sealing/filling of pits and fissures Sealing/facing of damaged enamel surfaces Covering of caries predilection sites during orthodontic treatment Sealing composite or cement fillings (protective layer against humidity) Sealing of deciduous teeth Advantages > Use of nano-fillers for optimal flow behaviour > With 70% w/w highest filler content in its class > Outstanding physical properties: > low abrasion > high transverse strength > extremely low shrinkage values > Excellent handling > Optimal wetting Grandio Seal in the new NDT®-syringe > NDT® means non-dripping-technology > Especially for fine-flowing materials > Can be dosed and applied precisely > Without any loss of material REF 1060 syringes 5 x 2 g, 5 ml Vococid gel, application cannulae type 45

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