Voco, Provicol QM, Asthetic, 1 X 5ml QuickMix Syringe


Manufactured By: VOCO GmbH
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Provicol QM Aesthetic

Translucent, temporary luting cement with calcium hydroxide, eugenol-free
• Highly aesthetic, translucent appearance
• Increased strength for more retention and secure adhesion
• Optimum flowability for easy cementation
• Pinpoint stability allows precise removal of excess material
• Accurate fit due to very low film thickness
• Eugenol-free: no inhibition of curing reaction of resin-based filling or luting materials
• Free from colophony: low allergy potential
• Contains calcium hydroxide and zinc oxide
>Calcium hydroxide supports the formation of tertiary dentine und has bacteriostatic effect
>Zinc oxide is known for its antibacterial effect
• Radiopaque

REF 1108 QuickMix syringe 5 ml, accessories

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